5 Tips on How to Choose a Location

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So you’ve decided to have your portraits taken. You’ve already thought about your outfit, hair, and make-up. Then your photographer throws you a curve ball by asking you “Where would you like your session to be?” Choosing a location can be a daunting process. There are so many locations that can make or break the mood of your images. I can always suggest locations to my clients but I want the location to mean something to you, your significant other or your family. But, if you’re feeling a little lost keep reading in hopes that these tips will trigger the perfect location for your session.



Put on some Kenny G., close your eyes, and envision your session. Just kidding! But, it is best to think about a location that has meaning to you, your significant other or your family. Outdoorsy type? Pick a location that has the outdoor activities you enjoy. Homebodies? Maybe have an in-home session where you’re cooking a meal together or playing your favorite game. Bowlers? Get permission from your favorite alley, rent a lane, and have some fun!


If you went to a location and loved everything about it especially the lighting you will have to jot down key information such as, the time of day, time of year, and passersby. Time of day and year are important because, 4pm in the spring may not look like 4pm in the fall. When scouting locations don’t forget to take a look at how many people are at the location during certain times of the day. Will the crowd of people in your photos add interest to your images of make it look weird? 


There are some locations that require a permit. Here are a few things to consider when you need a permit: 

  • How long does the approval policy take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is the permit for the whole day or just a few hours?
  • Can I use the permit on another day if we get rained out?


Maybe you know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone who can get you access to a location typically not available for the public. Such locations can include private residences or mansions (you know like the ones on Palm Beach island or in Miami), rooftops, airplane hangers, school, or your favorite restaurant. The possibilities are endless! 


When location scouting think about how much versatility the location will give your images. There are some locations that will have several different moods. For example, Ocean Park in Boynton Beach is a beach, park, and marina all wrapped up in one location.

I hope this list will help you pick a location for your session. If not, we will work together to come up with a location that will compliment you and your vibe. Stay tuned for future posts on locations. I will be posting a list of locations I have used along with sample images.


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  • Thanks so much for this! I am planning on visiting south Florida in the near future and will definitely use this blog post to help choose a location!

  • ashleighmillerphotographyblog
    7 months ago

    Choosing a location is always tricky biz, these tips help narrow down the ideas in my head and think about other logistics.

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  • Britt Nemeth
    7 months ago

    Great list for session locations!
    Such important information for clients when planning their sessions.
    P.S.- I love beach shoots.

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  • liz Cleland
    6 months ago

    Location and time of day are great tips. I have to say early morning shots or just before sundown!

  • Lynn Marie
    6 months ago

    Great tips for south Florida photo locations! Thanks for such great advice!

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