A2P D.I.Y | Bouquet

I follow Jasmine Star on social media and she posted this video the other day and I thought to myself “Hey, I could make one of those”. So I did 🙂

I was at Publix this morning and I saw the Floral department across the way. I gave myself a $20 budget and went for it. I purchased 4 bunches of flowers that were 3 for $12. I wish I could tell you what types of flowers I purchased but I thought about blogging this after I threw everything away. Sorry! I wish I could show you the steps I took when I arranged my bouquet but again this was an after thought. Trust me when I saw that this video will help you make your very own. You can also search “DIY Bouquet” on Pinterest and find a tutorial that suits your learning style.

The handle for my bouquet is natural rope from Joann’s Fabric Store that I already had. The rope is 2 yards long. I would have cut in in half to shorten my bouquet handle but I didn’t want to lose the length in my rope so I left. I suggest 1 yard of rope for the bouquet. It’s all about preferences.

I really love how my bouquet came out. So much so that after I was done shooting I took the rope off and put the arrangement on y dining room table.

Enjoy the images from my DIY Bouquet shoot!

Happy viewing!!

-Alekandra A.

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