DIY Flower Wall | South Florida Family Photographer

I made a flower wall over the weekend because I was feeling crafty. I went  to Joann’s and purchased:

  • Science Project Board
  • Moss Matt/Runner (18in x 48in)
  • Silk Flowers – I chose silk flowers because the other flowers only had fall  colors and I wanted bright colors

I also needed other items which I already owned such as a:

  • pair of scissors or wire cutter
  • hot glue gun

I choose big flowers, little flowers and hanging flowers. I cut the flaps off the science board because I wanted it to be big enough for a toddler. I also did not cover the whole board with the moss matt. I did lay out the board and flowers on the floor at Joann’s to get a picture of how many flowers I would need.

This project could have cost me over $100 but I had a 50% off and a 40% off coupon on one item. I also had a 25% coupon of my entire purchase. I split up my purchase into 4 different transactions to maximize my savings. I loved making the flower wall but I did not like spending that much money on it. With some planning someone could make the same wall a lot cheaper by buying artificial flowers online.

It was dark when I finished the wall so I used some Disney characters to test out my wall 🙂



The next day I was able to photograph my daughter in front of the wall.

diy-flower-wall-south-florida-family-photographer_0004_stomped diy-flower-wall-south-florida-family-photographer_0011_stomped diy-flower-wall-south-florida-family-photographer_0014_stomped diy-flower-wall-south-florida-family-photographer_0034_stomped

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