You’re here to learn a little about me; here goes…


* The Sound of Music is may all time favorite movie!

(The hills are alive with the sound of music)


* Besides my children, I am most proud of the time I spent as a pre-school teacher. Children remind me to look for the unnoticeable.


* Teen mom used to be my guilty pleasure until my plus one ruined it for me with his unsolicited commentary.


* Black was my favorite color when I was a child but I din’t know it until I was an adult. As a child, I don’t  remember anyone ever asking me what my favorite color was. I do remember often wearing black or this could all be a false memory.


* I’m a little awkward if not all the way awkward – A new employee was being introduced to the group and when it was my turn I extended my hand to shake her hand. I watched myself reach out but couldn’t stop it. I was embarrassed for myself.


* Coincidently enough my childhood bestie and my current bestie are both Geminis. On top of that their birthdays are two days apart.


* I am about to tell you something that might make you jealous; I share a birthday with President Barack Obama + Madonna!!


*I have a teeny, tiny obsession with free t-shits. Not the kind that are purchased and gifted but the kind from schools I’ve never attended and events I had no intentions of going to.