Meselene + Adrian’s Feeding Session | Ocean Inlet Park | South Florida Family Photographer

Alo, welcome back!

Let me begin by saying that I had the greatest time doing the session I’m about to post. I wanted to try a new genre of photography and boy did Meselene + Adrian rock this feeding session. I enjoyed every minute of it at Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach.

I have always been intrigued by breastfeeding sessions and realized that it was only breastfeeding sessions. No, sessions about moms who bottle-fed. I was one of those moms who exclusively pumped because my daughter didn’t latch on. Was I not deserving of a session to show how strong our bond is during our feeding session? Of course not. 

My day job deals with attachment between parents and their children and it is very clear to me that these two have a strong and secure attachment. They loved on each other and she let him explore his surroundings with guidance. It was so beautiful to see!

Hopefully I’ll get to work with them in the future again.

On to the images!



14 Responses to “Meselene + Adrian’s Feeding Session | Ocean Inlet Park | South Florida Family Photographer

  • What great photos. He is adorable and the pair together are amazing.

  • Oh my goodness, that smile though! I love seeing the joy in their faces that you were able to capture. Such beautiful images 🙂

  • What a sweet kiddo! Their faces are so sweet together- I especially love the black and white images.

  • these are the kind of memories that a mama will love forever!!!

  • great job branching out with something new and meaningful to you! wonderful collaboration <3

  • Oh wow! This is such a beautiful session, their connection couldnt be more love filled!

  • Such an adorable session. I love their smiles, so much love!

  • Just beautiful! Love their sweet bond… these baby motherhood moments are fleeting and it’s wonderful to document them.

  • Love all the angles you got in these images. Great composition!

  • Emily Moore
    5 months ago

    This is a really interesting idea for a session, I love how it turned out! I’m such a sucker for Mommy & Me sessions 🙂 Beautiful work!

  • What a beautiful family session. Their little one is so cute!

  • Emilyanne
    5 months ago

    What a sweet little one! Such a special mommy + me moment!

  • Tiara Wilson
    5 months ago

    Being F E D is best. This is such a cute session and to show that regardless of how you feed your little one, the bond is beautiful. <3

  • Alyssa Bouma
    5 months ago

    i love this. these are precious moments that they will treasure forever!

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