Morley | 2015

I had the pleasure of photographing this young lady a couple of weeks ago, well actually she’s my cousin. She came stateside to visit us from the UK. WE got along so great that you would’t even know that we had meet for the first time EVER! 🙂

I was awkward, she was awkward, everyone was awkward but the best way I know to shake the awkward is with laughter and that’s what we did. The best kind of laughter too, authentic. She was laughing because I was scared of all the nature. Every branch that touched me, frightened me.

Let’s talk about the location.

Where do you think we were?

We were on the side of the road on a vacant lot with overgrown vegetation. To the right of us was a neighborhood and to the left of us was MD Now (urgent care center).

Go ahead and take a look at my beautiful cousin (no bias over here, lol)

Happy viewing!!

-Alekandra A.


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