Oh The Places We’ll Shoot | Parks + Gardens

Alo peeps!

This post is all about parks and 1 garden-esqe type location. If you are into nature and love the greenery of Florida than a park may be the right place for you. If you’re not sure parks are your thing check out this post with helpful tips on how to choose a location.

Here is a list of parks that I have been to and the images produced:


  • Ocean Inlet Park – Boynton Beach



  • Veterans Park – Royal Palm Beach



  • I don’t know what this area is called but I can definitely get you there – Palm Beach Island



  • Riverbend Park – Jupiter



  • Okeeheelee Park – West Palm Beach



  • Johnathan Dickinson State Park – Stuart (Martin County)



  • Congress Ave Barrier Park – Boynton Beach



  • Keeley Park – West Palm Beach


African American couple engagement session in a park in Palm Beach County


  • Dubois Pioneer Home – Jupiter



  • Worth Avenue – Palm Beach



Keep your eye open for my next post on Urban/Murals!!

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  • Lovely!
    That top image alone is a little piece of magic.

  • My favorite of these is Worth Avenue! Such neat locations in southern Florida

  • Great blog post on South Florida portrait locations!

  • So cool that you have created this guide with South Florida portrait locations! I bet this is really helpful when people are trying to decide what look they want to go for.

  • witzgall
    8 months ago

    One stop shopping for South FLorida portrait locations!

  • holly smith
    8 months ago

    This is such a beautiful and fun guide to south Florida portrait locations

  • Emilyanne
    8 months ago

    Awesome! Definitely wish I lived in South Florida so I could utilize some of these gorgeous portrait locations!

  • Awesome list of South Florida portrait locations, thank you so much for sharing!

  • ok so you seriously know the very best south florida portrait locations! these images are lovely. you captured each family so well!

  • What beautiful locations! Any one of these would make a wonderful backdrop for south Florida portrait session!

  • Emily Moore
    8 months ago

    These locations are all awesome!! I want to come to Florida now and plan some shoots. Awesome work!

  • Lindsay Zilke
    8 months ago

    Wow! So many beautiful portrait locations in South Florida!! Can’t wait to visit some of these spots!

  • Alyssa Bouma
    8 months ago

    these all sound like great south florida portrait locations!

  • What a great post highlighting some awesome Florida portrait locations.

  • I love these south Florida portrait session locations! Beautiful!

  • Stephanie Fishbein
    8 months ago

    These are all great South Florida portrait locations! Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Janessa Valentine
    8 months ago

    The Dubois location looks gorgeous!

  • liz Cleland
    8 months ago

    I love all these places to shoot photos. What a great wide collection!

  • Love these photos. All these places are so wonderful for any type of session.

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