Oh The Places We’ll Shoot | Urban + Murals

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE urban + mural for sessions. These types of areas bring such texture and interest to an image. I also love bright, vibrant colors. We are lucky enough to have downtown areas to use as an urban backdrop and art districts to serve as our mural backdrops all over South Florida.

  • Downtown West Palm Beach

  • West Palm Beach Murals

  • Downtown Delray Beach

  • Lake Worth Art District

  • Miami Art District

These are not the only urban/murals in South Florida. I’ll be sure to update this list with images as soon as I have them.  If you’re not sure the urban feel or murals are your thing check out this post with helpful tips on how to choose a location.

Also take a look about my post on parks + gardens. More posts to come about locations for your upcoming session.

16 Responses to “Oh The Places We’ll Shoot | Urban + Murals

  • This is a fantastic idea to make a list of them all!! You’ve found some awesome locations!

    • a2photography11@gmail.com
      5 months ago

      Yes, it is. I now refer my clients to the post to help them think about locations.

  • Elizabeth
    5 months ago

    What a gorgeous collection of urban images!

  • Love having a go-to list of fun places for clients to pick from. I’m always scouting around too!

  • Wow all these back drops are son unique and colourful!

  • ashleighmillerphotographyblog
    5 months ago

    Those are some fun locations in South Florida with a great urban flair!

  • Those are some pretty awesome locations! Love it!!!

  • Lindsay Hiatt
    5 months ago

    You did an amazing job capturing such vibrant and colorful images in South Florida. I never would have thought it was possible to make scaffolding and a walkway beautiful but you nailed it. Love your urban, fun and artistic images!

  • These are so fun! If I was in South Florida I would totally hire you! My favorites are the murals!

  • Loving these portraits! They’re all so colorful!

  • Love this set! You found some amazing colors and so many different backgrounds! Love how this was a mix of both portraits and photojournalism!

  • Oh I just love all of these so much! It would be hard to pick a favorite!

  • Love this set of images! The urban vibe is totally rocking and is such a good contrast against those gorgeous ladies. Great work showcasing both the people and the background.

  • these are so creative and full of bright colors I love them!

  • Oh wow! These are gorgeous, you really make the most out of theses urban settings, such fun compositions.

  • These urban locations are so epic! I bet you had so much fun scouting these out! I love that your models vibrant makeup matches the location, too!

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