Patricia + Andre | South Florida Family Photographer

Me: How did you guys meet?

Them: On Facebook!

It was nice to hear a ‘how did you meet story’ that they both agreed on.

Andre told me the story of how they meet and if you could see the look on his face you would know that he really loves Patricia!

Boy meets girl,

Boy likes girl,

Girl does not like boy (she believes in her faith and wants her mate to do the same 🙂 ),

Boy becomes saved and needed guidance from other Christians and began to talk to girl more often,

Boy speaks to God about his future wife,

After months of talking to each other online they finally meet in person and the rest is history.

Their love story was written in the stars.

I find it remarkable that she didn’t waver from what she wanted in a man just to be in a relationship. I admire the way she did not try to change him to fit her image of what her ideal man will be like. She stood her ground and he found his way into her heart through Christ and that’s beautiful!

Happy viewing!!!

-Alekandra A.










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