Selfie 101 – 5 Ways to Get a Great Selfie

I’m going to jump right into the list and not bore you with anecdotes and such.

#5. Do something interesting

Take a selfie when you are actually enjoying life. It’ll bring some interest into the everyday selfie that you are used to posting.


#4. Experiment with angles

Shift you head from right to left to find your best angle. Think about it…why do you only part your hair in one way because it’s your best side any other way would just be wrong!


#3. Adjust shoulder placement

If you only take straight on pictures try turning your shoulders slightly to the right/left to find what works best for you.


#2. The rule of thirds

Sometimes you have to place your face in the top-right or top-left corner and abandon the center pose. Putting some of the background in your selfie will keep it interesting.


#1. Find good light

There’s a technique used in photography where we keep the subject in one spot and move around the subject in 90 degree angles to see how the light will affect the subject. You can do the same thing with your selfie. All you have to do is stand in one spot, hold your phone up like your taking a selfie and turn in 90 degree angles to catch the best light for you.


Bonus tip!

-Crop tight

Most selfies have an arm in it or a distracting background, you can eliminate those pesky problems by cropping in tight on your face. The problem with bringing the phone close to your face is that it will distort your features for example, make your nose look bigger and, we don’t want that. To avoid the nostril enlargement all you have to do is hold your phone away from you and use your zoom to zoom into your face. Don’t zoom in too much or you will lose the details in your selfie.

Share your best selfie in the comments below, I would love to see them!

Happy selfies!

-Alekandra A.



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