Tiffany | 2016 A2P Book Drive | Palm Beach Island, FL

Alo beautiful people!

Last year I put on a book drive to give the gift of reading to our children here in Palm Beach County. One lucky family participated. I was a little bummed that one person signed up but, I remembered my days of doing outreach and being so happy to get one person to sign-up. And with that I was happy that Tiffany was my one person who decided to give. Thanks Tiffany!!!

I met up with Tiffany and Little ‘A’ on Palm Beach Island. Tiffany wanted to capture a few photos of her and Little ‘A’ because…(you’ll see why when you view the images). It took a few minutes for Little ‘A’ to warm and then she was off being a typical 2 year old.

Okay, enough text. On to pictures of the girls!

Happy viewing!!!



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